The No Negativity Challenge


how can i be a less negative person

We’re surrounded by so much negativity that sometimes we don’t even realize we are absorbing it, letting it into our minds, turning it around in there, and then repeating it.

WHO:  YOU (Sign up at the bottom to join us.  We will be doing several meditations to eliminate negativity throughout.)

WHAT:  For 15 Days from the New Moon to the Full Moon, March 24, 2020 – April 7, 2020 – As Yogi Bhajan Said:  “Don’t listen to the negativity through ears, don’t churn it in your mind and don’t split it out through your tongue.”  – Hear no negativity, see no negativity and speak no negativity.  Just like the three monkeys.

WHY:  Most of our problems come from our own negativity.  This is an opportunity to observe just how negative we behave, and to change it.  Once all that negativity comes to light, and is gone, you’re left with a flow of positive.  That’s something you have to experience for yourself.

WHERE:  Wherever you are in this next two weeks plus a day.

HOW:  Just monitor what you hear around you that is negative.  Choose not to take it in.  Choose not to let it run around your mind.  Choose not to speak or repeat it.


Here are a few meditations we did over this period of time.  These meditations, as short as three minutes, practiced daily can change negative patterns.


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