“As one candle lights, one candle can burn another, and bring the light;
another, another, another, continuous action.”
–Yogi Bhajan

Aquarian Teacher Training is really a program in Self-Mastery.  It allows the student to tap into their infinite potential and true power at the soul level.  The science of Kundalini Yoga is a quantum technology of the human mind-body-spirit system.  It takes you, through practical experience, from your finite mind into your infinite self.

Until recently, It was a secret practice in an oral tradition.  In other words it was taught Master to Student, by word of mouth.  Now taught openly in the west since 1969, when Yogi Bhajan first arrived in Los Angeles, the principles remain unchanged; The framing is simply different. 

Ultimately the goal is the same as it ever was: to facilitate deep self-transformation and allow the student to gain mastery over their sub-conscious mind and energy flow.  It is this experience in The Teachings that gives the practitioner the wisdom which will enrich their own lives and the lives of all with whom they come into contact.

“Studying the sayings of the great sages does inspire and support a student. But studying one’s own thoughts, emotions, deeds, and actions is the real study. We intellectually know many things, yet our ignorance is not dispelled. By self-study we experience directly that which dispels the darkness of ignorance. Only when one has carefully learned the study of his own internal states will the true knowledge of the Self begin to dawn.”   –Swami Rama

Not all who take this course in self mastery will go on to teach in the traditional sense.  However, all who take the course will carry these precious wisdom teachings within themselves and it will affect their lives and the lives of those around them.  This is what Yogi Bhajan meant by “Your presence must work.”  When you activate these teachings within yourself, you first uplift yourself, and then all with whom you come into contact thereafter. Sat Nam.

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