A Very Brainiac Explanation of Kundalini Yoga

WARNING – a very brainiac explanation of the science of kundalini follows. 

When you do kundalini yoga, you directly stimulate your glandular system.  This is done by holding certain postures or mudras (hand positions,) regulating the breath and vibrating the body with very specific primal sounds (Mantras.) 

kundalini yoga human glandular system

The glands are stimulated and secrete hormones into the blood stream.  Hormones are the body’s self made chemicals.  This changes the blood and brain chemistry.  The result is that your electromagnetic field, or aura expands.  How does this happen?  The neurons in your brain start to move faster.  Your neuron voltage increases— in other words the computer clock speed of your brain gets upgraded to a faster processor.  This increase in neuron voltage is an increase in frequency, the frequency of your electromagnetic field – aka your aura. 

Your whole system starts to vibrate at a higher rate and your aura expands.  If you think this sounds all hoofy-froofy, woo-woo, then have a seat because there are cameras which can actually capture the size and color of the aura. It’s called kirlian photography.

Truth be told, you are one big, bio-organic living computer.  The universe is also a giant computer network, like the internet of consciousness. Everything is always connected, whether you perceive it or not. Your computer is always talking to the universal internet and it is always talking to you. How much of it you transmit and receive depends on your level of perception. Your level of perception depends on the quality and speed of your neurons, also known as neuron voltage.

Doubt that? Consider how your heart beats or how you breathe without consciously making an effort to do it. Our autonomic nervous system is living proof of the universal internet of consciousness. And you are a computer always connected to it.  How much data you can send and receive depends on how fast of a connection you have.  When you do Kundalini Yoga and meditation you are constantly increasing your connection speed.  This allows for bigger and bigger experiences of your infinite nature.  Things like intuition, the sixth sense, the inner knowingness and gut feelings are the language of higher perception.

universal internet

Think of your human apparatus like a universal radio transmitter-receiver.   Your mind-body computer is always connected to your soul or infinity.  This is actually through the prana or consciousness of breath. In fact what’s even more mind blowing is that everything, the entire universe is actually within you. As above, so below; what is without is actually within. Inner-space is actually outer-space and vice versa. How much of your infinite nature you experience though, depends on the speed of your neurons.  When you raise your frequency, you tune in to higher and higher stations on the radio dial.  You can send and receive higher and higher transmissions to and from your soul. And since it’s all within you, you’re not really sending and receiving to something “out there,” you’re activating it like a software program on your desktop that you haven’t installed yet. Remember The Matrix when Neo is unplugged and then they program him by uploading programs into his brain? Kinda like that.

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation raises your frequency and gives you a bigger experience in this vehicle called the human body.  Peace, prosperity, enjoyment, love– all the things we perceive as good are more possible when you raise your consciousness. Kundalini Yoga is an array of kriyas and meditations that allows you to continually increase your energy aka your operating speed.  Thus your perception of your own infinity is increased and all the best things about human life are enhanced.