Who Cares What They Think?

It Doesn’t Matter What Anyone Thinks of You

It doesn’t matter what others think of you.  It only matters what you do.  We have to obliterate this idea of “what do they think of me?”  It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of you.  It only matters what is actually done.  The rest is a lot of talk and mental masturbation. What’s worse is that almost every time, when one thinks about what others think of them, it stops them creatively.

There’s a great teaching from The Master, Yogi Bhajan. He called it The Three C’s: “When you compare and compete you become confused.” And this is at the heart of “what do they think of me?”

The Other’s Shoes

Now you might get a reaction from someone that clues you into the fact that you acted wrongly. That’s called second position, or putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. You check yourself and if you’re solid in yourself you will either say, yes I acted wrong, or no I did not.  Or you might get praise from someone about something– verbally or visually. What happens so often is that people pick up on, or worse, imagine what another person is thinking things about them. Then comes a reaction to what you think someone is thinking. That something is outside of you. And you change your behavior based on that outside stimulus. 


We need to be absolutely solid in who we are as a spirit in a human body; that all of our guidance, all of our input comes from with-in.  Then you can be confident and relate to people accordingly.  It doesn’t matter what your mother thinks, it doesn’t matter what your father thinks, it doesn’t matter what your teacher thinks, it doesn’t matter what your friends think, it doesn’t matter what your enemies think.  It doesn’t even matter what you think. 

So What Then?

It only matters that you are coming from your spirit. The great people who’s names we remember have left their impact on this planet by following their own manifesto. You and your manifesto is between you and your spirit. The way to get in touch with your spirit, your inner guidance is to keep upping your practice. Catch that? I’ll say it again. Keep upping your practice. Then you relate to people from your intuitive self, which comes from the flow of your spirit and is the best, most confident self.  Drop any thought, concern or idea about “what other people think of you.”