Simple Living Tips from The Master – Yogi Bhajan

Simple Living Tips – by: Yogi Bhajan

  • yogi bhajan gongThe very first thing in the morning, drink 5-6 ounces of cold Yogi Tea* without milk. It will soothe your stomach and liver, take care of your spleen, and give you energy for the day.
  • Eat digestible food and chew it well, because the stomach does not have teeth, and you need to mix 15-25% saliva with your food. Food which is made with refined wheat, like pasta and pizza, is very constipating. There is no fiber in it.
  • Fill up a tub with water and soak yourself in it. When your fingers become like dried prunes, come out and vigorously massage yourself with a towel until your skin becomes red. Then take a nap. Do this routine for 40 days. By simply taking a bath and sleeping, you can become alright.
  • If you can not do anything else, at least practice Sat Kriya 1/2 hour per day, so all of your chakras open, you start seeing, and the chemistry of the blood becomes regular. A woman should not do Sat Kriya during her period. But when it is over, she has to double the time for 4-5 days.
  • Men must use kacheras* * as underwear. Kacheras make a tent around a man’s sexual organs, keeping the air temperature even, so the testicles do not move up and down in response to temperature changes. Because the second and sixth chakras are interconnected, men who do not have a tent of kacheras will withdraw, and become lethargic, have headaches and be indecisive.

*Yogi Tea is a special chai tea made from whole herbs. Recipe in BIO.
** Kacheras are very baggy underwear, designed to create a buffer around the genitals for energy and body heat maintenance.