Race Is Non-Reality and Now Obsolete


There is no such real thing as Race. It was created by powers who intended to divide, conquer and rule humanity. It’s been going on for thousands of years and we should’ve been rid of it by now. The truth is we’re actually one unified race, the Human race. Within this Human race, there are different shapes, colors and sizes. A human being living by his or her true nature of mind is infinite. In order to control a human being, who is by nature infinite and limitless, you need to make them believe they are less than that. So we’ve been sold a story.  The story is sometimes direct but mostly implied.  That we’re inherently different and that we have to fight with each other to survive.  Did you ever notice that the same word, ‘Race,’ used to classify humans by the color of their skin or their culture, is the same word used for a competition?  It’s a competition where you try defeat your opponents by beating them to a finish line.  Do you think that’s just a coincidence?  I don’t.  We’ve been led to believe that the color of a human being’s skin means anything other than the wonderful diversity of creation. The differences are inherent in our design so we could enjoy each other. If we were all the same shape, size and color, there would be nothing to relate to in each other.


It’s all in your mind.  Everything comes about through our minds. If you don’t control your mind, someone else will.  And Race is a non-reality thrust upon our minds in order that we DIVIDE OURSELVES.  Once divided we can be set against each other.  Notice I said ‘Divide Ourselves.” We are the only ones that can participate, conscious or not.   Remember the saying: “United we stand, divided we fall?”  Those who wish to control the masses live by that saying.  And what’s the NEW motto, during this pandemic, that they’ve tried to get us to repeat?  “Stand together by not standing together”  — social distancing.  Subliminal advertising was outlawed for a reason.  It works.

The mind is a computer.  As such, whatever software program you allow to be uploaded and run on your mind is what you’re going to experience. In high school I was lucky enough to work on one of the first personal computers made… The Apple II C. And I never forgot what the teacher, Mr. D’alleva told us about it. He said, “There’s one basic rule with computers. And that is: Garbage in, garbage out.”  Whatever you put into the computer is what you’re gonna get out of it’. Your brain is a computer.  First we’re convinced that we’re different. Then we’re convinced that those different than us will do us harm.  We divide ourselves and then we fight.  Garbage in, garbage out.


If you believe that humans are made up of all different types of souls, and colors of skin and defining characteristics, then just start accepting each other as HUMAN BEINGS. Otherwise you deny yourself the PRIVILEGE of being human. What’s worse, you deny THEM the privilege of being human. Every time you classify a human man or woman as a black man or woman, as a white man or woman, you deny them the privilege of just being human and that is infinite. You limit yourself and you limit them.

It’s said that the angels covet this human body because earth is the only realm where you can experience duality, emotions and dimensional space. Do you know what the word human actually signifies? HU(E) means light. MAN means the mind. Being means existing in the now, this moment. Therefore a Human Being is the LIGHT OF THE SOUL PRESENTLY, in the now. Human life is precious. All human life is precious. Division based on gender, genetic makeup, skin color and cultural differences is completely made up.  Ultimate reality is the light of the soul being broadcast through the body-mind in this moment.  In other words, ultimate reality is just being human.  It’s the soul that’s the focus here, everything else is just part of this vehicle carrying it.  And if you think there’s not a group out there that knows this and is trying to keep you away from it, I’ve got some bridges and prime real estate that I’ll give you a great deal on.


Wherever YOU put your attention, that thing grows. That’s how the mind works. The mind is simply a magnifying glass for your attention.  Your attention, like all existence is… PURE ENERGY. The only way to stop racism is to stop feeding the concept that race is a reality. You stop racism by cutting off the food that keeps the divide alive.  Race only exists because you participate in it. How many of you KNOW that race is not really true, yet you keep talking about it with your friends? You keep discussing the ins and outs of it, the merits and demerits of the latest incident, the latest injustice.

YOU do not have to participate in this any more. JUST STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. STOP KEEPING IT ALIVE. STOP FEEDING IT. Just agree to be HUMAN.


They will tell you you’re racist if you say all human life is valid and it matters. That’s because they want to keep the division, discord and hate alive. You don’t have to buy it, though. Be yourself. Believe in yourself and don’t accept anything that isn’t resonant with your highest being.  Ground yourself in your spirit, and let that inform your life flow.

They’ll say, “What about the atrocities committed against various races in the past?” Those atrocities were only possible BECAUSE of race and division in the first place. And, while the conditions for those atrocities may have been possible 60, 100 and even 2000 years ago, they are NOT possible in our modern world, UNLESS… YOU keep participating. Back then you couldn’t opt out.  Now YOU CAN OPT OUT OF RACE.  Yes, you can.   Don’t think so?  Try it.  I dare you to try it.  If you’re truly a balanced human being you won’t be afraid to try and drop race.  Do it for 40 days and see what happens.

We are in the Information Age now. Information is abundant. We know from particle physics that each molecule breaks down into sub atomic particles and that these particles are all the same. And you are going to tell me that race is real? EVERYTHING on this planet is made up of the SAME particles of energy, all part of the same quantum field, all part of the same unified field of consciousness.  WE ARE ALL THE SAME.  It’s a proven fact.  So WTF are we still participating in this for?  We’re only made differently so we can participate with each other in this life.  So we can enjoy the differences.  IN-Joy– bring  in the joy.  Enjoy the differences.


Race is non-reality of the highest order. Drop it and be human. NOW.  Identify as human first and only. You’re not Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Black, White, Indian, Chinese. You are HUMAN. Give yourself that privilege. The privilege of being human. You’re a human that happens to identify as a particular gender, you’re a human whose skin happens to be dark.  You’re a human whose culture is composed of aspects of The Chinese way of life.  Imagine if everyone went around identifying as human.  What that would look like? Well that is the first step toward the tolerance and acceptance and kindness and relationship that everyone wants on this planet.

Now with that knowledge, how can you divide yourself? You’re free to decide for yourself. Does what I just said make you want to destroy things? If so, then go ahead, that’s your right. But it doesn’t change the facts. Human life matters. All of it.  Choose mind over matter. What really matters is how kind you are and how much you give to another person to help them.

The only thing that matters is what we do now.