The Only Thing That Matters is What We Do Now


A while back I was watching the All Or Nothing series on Amazon Prime. It’s a show that follows an NFL team through a season, from training camp to the end of their season, which they all want to end in a playoff berth and then, ultimately, the Super Bowl. This photo below is a snapshot of the entrance to The Dallas Cowboys training center.

I took a screenshot of this because I loved it so much.

The only thing that matters is what we do now.

This is such a powerful statement on so many levels right now.   We are in unique and unprecedented times. Do you realize that?  Now more than ever we need our faculties about us, and we really need to be present in order to navigate these times.


There’s point, when the mind becomes neutral and that’s called Shunia, which means zero.   The Zero Point.  When that happens, your infinite self comes through. That’s also what being completely present, in the moment achieves. Presence of mind is what keeps us in the moment. The moment is where the entire creation exists. Everything else is the play of the mind. The past is memory, the future is projection, the moment is now.

The only thing that matters is what you do now, in this moment. Get a hold of your mind. Focus your energy and do something presently. That’s where you can begin the flow. The flow of what? You. The real you. Your spirit. And this happens when we’re focused on what we’re doing now.

It’s in the now, the flow, where the solutions to problems come. In the now, the present, is where fear disappears like it never existed.  It’s in the moment that love happens.

This is why we teach Kundalini Yoga. It’s the fastest, most powerful technology on the planet today, to raise the energy of the soul, and use that to conquer the mind. Practice is what can get you there. Even a practice as little as 3 minutes a day can take you into alignment.

We’re just past the midway point in the boot camp. Tomorrow is Day 24. It’s always an interesting trip. You’re welcome to drop in for a class any time. That information is here

I hope you’re doing well in these most interesting times.

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