You Have Everything You Need, You Just Can’t See it

juicy tomato

A while ago, in a land close by, my wife and I lived in an apartment. Things were tight and we were squeezing to get by. I had always wanted a garden and this new apartment had a parking lot just outside the back kitchen door. Along the side of the building was space for potted plants so I went to work. I got some heirloom tomato seeds and planted them. As I was planting them, I very specifically had the thought, ‘I’d better plant a lot because few will actually grow.’

seeds of life abundantA few days later, to my surprise, no less than fifteen plants sprouted. Instantly I remembered the limited thought, plant a lot, few will actually grow.  Looking at those plants I had a big realization. Each of those fifteen plants had the potential to grow numerous fruits. Each of those tomatoes would have dozens of seeds.  Collectively all the tomatoes on all the plants would create hundreds, if not thousands of seeds.  Each seed we plant has the potential to grow and create unlimited bounty.

Nature is unlimited and so are you. I’ve never nature's abundance prosperityforgotten that.

I had a thought, wherever it came from, which said, “things don’t grow,” simple as that.  Still, in the face of it, nature did its thing.  Luckily this time I was able to see it.  You can spend a lifetime in a thought like, “things don’t grow,” and never see that it’s just not true.  I know that aha moment was an example of the Kundalini Yoga practice in action. All the meditation and yoga gets into you and comes out in your life as a new awareness.  You make progress.

It’s all your projection and imagery, thoughts and mind. You are the imagination of your self. Whoa, dude.

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