Yogi Bhajan on The Meaning of Sat Nam as a Greeting

“Sat Nam means I identify the truth as truth, I identify you as a truth, no question asked. Do you understand, what a beautiful greeting that is? When we call Sat Nam, it’s mean I identify, I, I identify your identity as a truth. I acknowledge you as true, no question asked.” —Yogi Bhajan

When you know what Sat Nam means, it becomes a really powerful greeting.  There’s one flow of creative energy constantly progressing forth in every body.  And everything in our earthly realm is made up of the five elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.  Underlying all this there’s The Force at work.  This is the basic truth in everything you see, touch and feel.  So when you say Sat Nam, you’re going to the original identity of that Force, in the other person, at an elemental, molecular level.  You’re literally sending over a sound that vibrates the original identity at the core level.  You recognize that despite any imperfections there’s a consistent energy running though you and that other person that’s the same.  There’s a purity there that’s possible.  Sat Nam connects you on that level, so all communication has a chance at being a little more pure.  It’s a really great thing.  Here’s Yogi Bhajan breaking it down technically, what Sat Nam means.

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