Yogi Bhajan: Effects of The Aquarian Age Change

I found this so very interesting.  Yogi Bhajan illustrates how the change of the age has happened before.  (TCH 25-12 7/29/87) At one age change, the north pole melted and the earth was flooded.  He refers to Noah’s Ark from the bible, a story most everyone knows.  Then again there was a drought for 42 plus years which marked another age change.  In the past there were catastrophic events that marked the age change.  Now, he says, it’s going to be “no mental energy.”  Very interesting— this is from 30 years ago and what he says is happening now.  No mental energy,  leads to duality duality duality.  Everything will be there in living color but with no satisfaction.

We need energy.  Mental energy.  Neuron Voltage.  Brain capacity.  Kundalini Yoga and Meditation give you all of the above.  (transcript follows video.) Have a look:


Student:  Okay, as we are at this cusp area, time of the Aquarian Age, what are the challenges that we face as teachers?
Yogi Bhajan:  You are all going to die man, none of you are going to live.  You are all earthlings, you have to be evaporated.  What do you think age, change of age does?  How many time age has changed and look what they have done.  Once the cap in the north pole drowned everybody, Noah, poor guy saved things.  Once forty two and half years, there was no water.  But this time, there will be no mental energy.  It will be all duality, duality, duality, duality, duality.  Not a good news.  Not a good news.  You will look good, you will physically great, you will have big homes and you will hit your walls.  There shall be humongous emptiness in the mind of every human.  Because age of Piscean is: “I want knowledge.”  Age of Aquarian is: “I want experience,”  and not knowledge.  Knowledge, the computer is going to give you.  In another five years, (1992) you will have all the knowledge you need.

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