Work to Prove Your Success


yogi bhajan best quoteI came across this quote from Yogi Bhajan which struck me– like they do.  That’s the thing about The Masters and The Teachings.  They set your mind straight and correct the flaws in thought orientation.  In this, he says “You work to prove your success.”  That’s so impactful.

It implies that you’re already a success.  The orientation is, you’re an infinite being, therefore you’re a success.  You work, and as you work, things go, things do not go.  You try, you fail.  You try again, you succeed, but you work through until you prove that you’re original nature is that perfect flow of the soul, and that is success.  As he says at the end: “Therefore, work is an experience of self-success.”  Have a look:

“The greatest tragedy which mankind was given to understand or believe that you have to find God, you have never ever to find God.  You are God.  Part of God.  And the whole God is with you, behind you, and within you. 

Start searching God, and start searching to prove God, and elementary right be successful is your elementary right.

work is not for anything but to prove success.  The whole system of you is geared towards one point.  Work to prove success.  And not prove to somebody, but prove to you.  Therefore work is an experience of self success.”  –Yogi Bhajan


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