What to Do When You Have A Problem – Guidelines for Problem Solving


An Aquarian Approach

“Following these guidelines you will find comfort and peace. Above all you will find yourself and your sensory system. You will be able to communicate with everybody because your love will flow. When you fly above the clouds, there is sunshine all around. Below there is rain, clouds and thunder. When you rise above conflict there is freedom and the vastness of higher consciousness. Problems that appear to be very serious, become smaller and smaller, and finally disappear.” —Yogi Bhajan

When there is a problem somewhere: x

  1. Know what you know.
  2. Do not get upset about what you do not know.
  3. Let the expression come out.
  4. Figure out from expressions what the impression is.
  5. Look at yourself; decide whether your talk is spiritual, mental or physical.
  6. Expand your values and virtues.
  7. Do not engage in conflict.
  8. Avoid jealousy.
  9. Your guiding principle should be to live and letlive.
  10. Do not question, try to understand.