Tips and Tricks For Fast Melon Success

Day One – Done

If you’re apprehensive about doing the melon fast, we’re not saying not to be.  Just know it’s no big deal because it’s easy.  You can do it.  Whether you do the whole thing, or do the 10 day version, there’s even a 5 days version!  The five days consist of Just one day of each thing:  Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Papaya, Lemon honey water, then plain water.  After that you break the fast with light fruits, then yogurt and then slowly vegetables and regular food.

More tips and things to consider

You’re changing yourself

The glandular system is basically your energy system in the form of glands and hormones— chemical energy.  Every time you eat, your glands secrete and signals are sent into the brain via the blood chemistry.  So your eating habits hold a certain energy pattern.  When you fast, you change that.  When you change the glandular system through food, you release a lot of sub conscious garbage.  SO IF YOU’RE FEELING STRANGE IT’S NORMAL for fasting.  Stay positive.  Extra Positive.  You’re going to be different after you finish.  

Things to do to ensure CONTINUED success

      1. You’re cleansing the body and mind.  Do more yoga and sweat.  Don’t overdo it but definitely do something.  Some people like to sit in a sauna or steam room.  Infrared Sauna’s are really good.  They actually use special waves of heat which penetrate the skin and make you sweat from the inside out.  This really efficiently rids the body of toxins.  Many health spas have these types of sauna’s now. 
      2. Drink lots of water.  For obvious reasons you want to drink water.  Lots of it.  It will flush out the toxins that may surface as a result of cleansing.  Remember, the instructions are to eat nothing but cantaloupe, nothing but watermelon, nothing but papaya and then the honey lemon water and then water.  That means nothing but those things on those days.  But you can have water and water will do you wonders.  Hot water is an option too and is especially good.  Water that has been boiled has a structure to it which is good for the body and hydrates the cells efficiently.  Hot water is affectionately called “silver tea.”  So drink water and drink hot water to flush out the system.
      3. Get plenty of rest.  Your body and mind are going through changes. Make sure to map out times when you can rest.  Take little naps.  Get an extra hour or two of sleep at night.  Whenever you can take the attitude of resting a little bit more, while you’re on this cleanse. 
      4. Massage.  One of the instructions yogi bhajan gave was to massage the body with almond oil daily.  Almond oil helps to get toxins out of the body through the skin.  Also your skin covers the body.  Under that is fascia which is like a big meat suit of muscle.  The blood squeezes itself into all these tissues to bring the various fluids and nutrients into the tissues.  Then it is squeezed back into the blood to carry out what isn’t needed.  Massages will help with this process.  Since this diet replaces all the fluids in the body, massaging the skin and muscles is a key component. 
      5. Stay Positive!  Tame your mind.  All kinds of thoughts may come up.  Stay committed.  Don’t be thrown off by this.  Time will pass and if you do it you will have the victory.  So counter these thoughts of quitting and defeat with some positive affirmations.  “I can do this.  It’s only a matter of time before it’s finished.  Victory!  Mind over matter.  I am clearing out eons of garbage and I will be more successful, radiant, prosperous, when I finish.  Keep up!”
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