The Prayer Power – Sudarshan Chakra Kriya – Free Class

The following video is from a workshop in November of 2016 at Rama Yoga Institute in Venice, California.  The workshop was called “Cup of Prayer.”  Yogi Bhajan mentioned the number thirteen, one plus three adds up to four, and four is a cup of prayer.  The fourth chakra is the heart, the most powerful energy gateway in the human system.  You pray with your heart’s desire, its projection and the head helps to organize it.  Here’s Yogi Bhajan on it…

“Prayer is the power.  Power is not in the man, power is not in you, you are not the power, you are never were, you can never be, you shall never be the power, it cannot be, it is untrue.  Power is in the prayer.  Prayer is the projection.  Consolidated, concentrated projection is called prayer.  It is one-pointed mind, one-pointedness of the being.  It comes from the very heart and the spirit of the being, and head helps to put it together.  That is why when we pray we bow our head, we kneel down, we bend, because we want our head at that time to concentrate our projection.  Power is in prayer, there is no other power.”  —Yogi Bhajan KWTC10 07/11/1983

“Prayer is in the projection.”  A prayer is a concentration of your signal to the universe, a request.  If the projection is right, the frequency and resonance will be matched and the experience you requested will happen. We’ve been conditioned to believe that there is some being, or God which is going to come save us if we pray for their help.  Not true.  You are a unit of infinity in this body and if you can learn how to relate to the infinite universe you can play with these energies.

This meditation, Sudarshan Chakra Kriya is a great example of how prayer works.  You chant the mantra and visualize the energy coming from the back of the heart over the head and then back into the heart.  This is all synchronized with the mantra.  It’s a really good practice.  If you have a prayer that you’ve wanted answered, try doing this every day for a while and see what happens. (DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS FOR MEDITATION)

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