The Parallel Unity – Things Aren’t Always The Way They See(m)

we are all oneWe’re all in a Parallel Unity. Like train tracks, there are on two seemingly separate tracks, yet in the long view, they converge, to merge into one. This is a metaphor for life. There’s two tracks, you and me, but if you take the long view we’re actually all having a similar experience of what it’s like to live on this planet. We’re made up of the same stuff, having relatable life experiences. Through sympathy we merge. However, if you take the short-sighted view, we seem opposed.

Both are true. In order for the train to get somewhere we each have to play our part, do our thing, live our destiny. To Work and sweat. At the same time we have to recognize we’re going to the same place and we’re essentially on the same track. So be kinder and give a little, but also receive a little. Work together toward a common goal. Help someone out, small or large. It’s your choice which illusion, which projection you experience.

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