Stuck On A Problem? You Can Change The Channel

Sometimes we get stuck on a problem. That problem has its roots in one thought structure. Often times it’s a recurring problem because the thought has deep roots in the sub conscious mind. Below is a recording of this morning’s class— in it there is an example of a guy I used to know when I was in the army. He was a great guy, good friend and a lot of fun, but he had one major thought that plagued him. He thought everyone in charge was out to get him. On any given day he’s be saying things like, “The Captain is trying to screw me over because (___ insert reason here_)”

He couldn’t see it himself, because he was too close to it, but we who were his friends would joke about it because it was “his thing.” And that’s how it goes. Most of us have one major thought we’re living out.  That thought presents itself in the form of a recurring problem.  For this guy it was “Authority is out to get me.” That came from some early experience, which he brought into the life with him.

In the old days it was nearly impossible for the average person to overcome their major thought form because these thought structures are deep in the sub-conscious, or hidden part of the mind. Kundalini Yoga and Meditation changes all that. It is now possible to demagnetize the thought and its affect on your life. With the use of mantra and breath you can change the flow of the mind’s thoughts and choose a better channel to enjoy. With mantra and breath you can master the mind and never have to be a slave to unwanted thoughts and experiences. Hey, it takes some work, I’m not going to bullshit you there. It’s worth the effort though. You can rewrite your destiny.

Here’s a short clip of this morning’s class (May 5, 2017) with a short lecture about this phenomenon.


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