Life is Based on Commitment

“Life is based on commitment and commitment is not easy at all, because what commitment can give you, God cannot take it… When man becomes committed and his commitment becomes his commitment, then Almighty God becomes the slave and that man becomes the master. That is the only area where the excellence of the man becomes more than God, because what a committed man says then God has to do it.” –Yogi Bhajan, LA 311 – 9/22/1982

When a human is committed the whole thing is behind him. It’s like holding a magnifying glass in commitment is one pointed mindthe sun. The focus that commitment brings causes a one-pointedness that sets things on fire. Take a look in your memory banks of the most committed people that you know and you’ll see that they move their world with it. Commitment takes courage. Courage is a great word. The root of it comes from the latin Cor which means heart. And of course in spanish language the word for heart is Corazon. So Courage is putting your heart behind what you’re committed to, and we all know by now that the heart is the strongest energy field in the body and is many more times powerful than the brain… don’t we?

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