Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level One – What’s It About?

Self mastery – so much more than teacher training

One of the biggest misconceptions about the Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is that it is just for those who want to become Yoga Teachers.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Consider that this powerful technology of Kundalini Yoga is thousands of years old and was secret for most of that time.  Before it was taught openly, this science of the soul-mind-body system was an oral tradition, meaning you had to find a teacher and he taught you in person.  There were no books or streaming videos.

This technology exists so that human beings can learn how their mind-body computer works and how it interfaces with infinity.  So the Aquarian Teacher course is more of a course in Self-Mastery than it is a certification program which allows you to teach.  The concepts, techniques and experiences in the Kundalini Yoga Aquarian Teacher course are like an owner’s manual for being a human, living on this earth with a soul that connects you to infinity. The Aquarian Teacher Level One is a deeper dive into Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.  It’s an immersion that allows you to experience much more than you can ever get to in a regular 90 minute class.  In some ways, it’s like a yoga retreat over 8 weekends.

So Why is it called teacher training then?

So why is it called a Teacher Training course then?  Well there are a few reasons for this.  Primarily it’s a function of our society and school system.  People understand that in order to do something they need permission– a degree or certificate that says they were trained.  You do become certified at the end, if you complete the requirements, so that’s the way it’s presented.  However, in the old days you found a Master and studied with him day and night.   The Master told you when you had achieved self-mastery and that was it.  Things are arranged differently in the west so this technology had to be adapted to fit in.

Another reason is that Yogi Bhajan decided to create teachers, or qualified human beings who could transmit the experience of the teachings.  He did this as he said, rather than “collecting disciples.” Someone who is a teacher can transmit wisdom and knowledge to others and others can have an experience of their soul and infinity.  In this way more people will be happy, healthy and at peace.  Over time, the earth will be a better place.  And that’s why this course is for everyone, not just those looking to get certified and teach.

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