Kundalini Q & A With Jai Gopal April 15, 2021

Somebody Recently Asked Me:

What is kundalini yoga?
A:  Kundalini Yoga is like magic. It’s unlocks your superhero powers. Funny thing is everyone reads all these self help books— the big secret, we’re all one, the law of attraction, source this and source that… but nobody believes it and that’s because reading is thinking and it’s not the experience. You have to have the experience of energy, the experience of prosperity showing up, the experience of we are all one, love and compassion, the experience of the law of attraction by being. Kundalini Yoga is the science of the infinite human, just being his or her best.

How can kundalini yoga help a person ?
A:  I like my teacher’s take on it. He says kundalini yoga wasn’t designed to fix fucked up people, it was designed to create super human people. It CAN and WILL fix fucked up people, but it’s the science of the superhuman being. Kundalini is your infinite light, and it’s within you as energy. Certain things in kundalini yoga unlock that infinite light and put it through YOUR mind body system. In doing so, it finds the things that are out of whack and that don’t jive with your infinite light, a.k.a., the light of your soul and it fixes it. It makes the adjustment. Then you get a little more energy, you get a little happier and you enjoy more. That’s how kundalini helps a person. It takes the light of the soul and infinite intelligence and makes you more YOU.

What inspires you to keep your practice up?
A:  I once heard from Yogi Bhajan that the fear of God isn’t actually fear of some guy in the heavens trying to punish you. Fear of God is once you’ve had a taste of that sweetness of connecting to your infinity, you don’t ever want to lose it. That’s what it is. I keep my practice up because I don’t ever want to lose that sweet, sweet connection to my soul that the practice has given me.

Sat Nam

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