How You Can Easily Eliminate Doubt, Negative and Self Loathing Thoughts


You can eliminate fearful, doubtful, self negating, and demoting thoughts.  Can you believe that?  No.  Not so.  Well that’s fine because it’s TRUE!  With the technology of Mantra you can cut the thoughts that plague you.  Mantra creates a special sound known as the Shabad.  Shabad is a special type of sound that cuts negative thoughts.  In Kundalini Yoga we work with mantras composed by enlightened, masters and sages who could see deeper into the patterns that we use to create our life.  The words are actually structures which create a doorway from your mind into higher dimensions.  As such we can use these mantras, these shabads, to cut our negative thought forms.  When you accomplish that, it’s much easier to communicate with your soul.  Life starts to flow, and you free up energy to experience our lives with more enjoyment


There’s also a phenomena called The Shabad Guru.  It’s almost hard to believe.  The Shabad Guru is a force called the guru, which is the inner wisdom of the universe, but it comes from reciting mantra.  When you recite mantra or shabads, the consciousness that is all around us starts to travel to you on that sound current like a data stream.  Look at it like this.  And by the way it’s perfectly acceptable not to believe it because people experience it every day from doing it.

Try it by sitting down and reciting a mantra and see what your experience is.  Take “Sat Nam” as an example.

Mantras are very sophisticated forms of sound, so when you recite them, they create a neuron pattern in your brain.  It’s well proven now that once you start reciting mantra, your glandular system is stimulated.  This is what gives you that feeling of well being after meditating for some time.  The glandular system works on hormones.  Hormones are the body’s natural chemicals.  They change our blood chemistry, which in turn changes our brain chemistry.  And this, is how our energy changes.  Our inner chemical energy creates expanded electromagnetic energy.

When you have a stream of negative or demoting thoughts, it causes emotions which pull you down.  e-motion a.k.a energy-in-motion.  Chanting mantra, working with this force of the shabad, changes the body’s chemistry creating a natural balance and hence an energetic expansion.  Chanting mantra changes the stream of thoughts to positive and promoting thoughts.


When you’re relaxed you become expanded.  Have you ever drifted off to sleep and felt like your body was getting bigger?  Some people experience that and it’s a result of relaxation.  So, this force of consciousness that travels on the data stream that is mantra or sound current is called The Shabad Guru.  And it’s literally like a data stream.  It’s what gives you your sixth sense or intuition.  Your inner teacher literally speaks to you.  And it comes from clearing the mind, becoming neutral.  Sounds fantastic and it is.  Nobody can tell you, not even me.  You have to experience it yourself.


The sages call it deep listening.  When you get into this mantra and shabad as a practice, you realize the whisper of your soul is there waiting for you all along.  As such, sages throughout history tell you to listen deeply.  This is a magical practice when combined with chanting or reciting mantra.  You actually listen to your own sound simultaneously and it’s becomes like an internet connection to the wide, wide universe.  It’s a two way communication between the little you and the big you.  And here’s the kicker… it comes from experience, from practice.  So start.  Get to class.  Do a meditation at home.  Practice makes perfect.  Sat nam.

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