How to Make Fast and Easy Almond Milk


Almonds are very good for the body.  They have so many benefits.  First they are good for the eyes, in fact they’re shaped like an eye.  Almond milk made in this way can benefit those with certain conditions.  It’s been said that taking an 8 ounce glass of almond milk made in this way, each morning, is good for those who have diabetes.

Almond milk is good for those who live in hot weather climates, like Mexico and Central America.

“ Almond milk is very healthy, specially for the people in Mexico, where the heat and the wave is warm for a longer time. Central America. Almond milk is very good for a hot weather, it’s a very good energy.”  Yogi Bhajan

Almond milk is perfect for weaning children from breast feeding.

Almond milk is very helpful for those with conditions of malnutrition and anemia.

Now Almond milk made fresh in this way is beneficial because it is pure almonds, honey and water and it doesn’t have any interfering chemicals or thickeners that commercial, store bought almond milks have.

Try it!  You’ll love it.


6-8 Raw, soaked and peeled Almonds
8 Oz water
Honey to taste (1 tsp or more)

The night before, soak the almonds in fresh water.  In the morning peel the almonds by squeezing them.  The skin will pop right off.

Place 6-8 almonds into a blender, add water, honey and blend for a few minutes until smooth.

With a fine strainer, strain the mixture and enjoy.