How to Build Aerobic Stamina for Travel to High Altitude Destinations


Are you traveling to a high altitude destination like Machu Picchu?  The Himalayas?  Tibet?  A few years ago I did the trek to Hemkund Sahib.  The year before that, I went to Machu Picchu. For those of you that don’t know about it, Hemkund Sahib is an important destination for Sikh’s to visit.  It also happens to be located at over 15,000 Feet Altitude!  I did a little bit of preparation before taking the trek and I am glad I did.  The following video is a short demonstration of a pranayam exercise which will build in you greater aerobic capacity and efficiency.  This is a great exercise for anyone who wants to increase their stamina and wind, especially if you’re traveling to high altitude destinations.  Best of all it’s really easy.

You can download instructions to the exercise here: Build Aerobic Capacity & Efficiency


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