Do You Know How Great You Are?

There’s a thing going on. It’s commonplace. People count all the negatives in their lives and can’t see clearly the positive, amazing things that are in their lives. As children we’re filled with wonder. The world is new and exciting. We absorb new experiences like sponges. Then things happen. We get imprinted with the do’s and dont’s of society. School does a good job of saying, you have to do this. This is the way we do it. That’s not the way we do it. Over time many lose touch with the things that light them up.

One of the reasons for this is simply the structure of the mind. We have three gears, or positions of the mind that thoughts go through when they enter. They are simply, negative mind, positive mind and then neutral mind. They have very real functions. The negative mind is there to warn you. It’s a filter to magnify the negatives so you can avoid danger. Avoiding danger is far different from engaging fear. And this is the trap many run into. Many of us have overdeveloped negative minds and we end up juggling fearful thoughts, which shrink our energy and weaken our projection. In a normal, healthy situation, you see the danger and then you flip to the positive mind and magnify the benefits or opportunities that are there. If that goes well then you shift into the neutral mind and the spirit of you gets behind the thought and then you’re able to act from the soul of you.

"Some people are not grateful for the kindness of God.  They are not grateful because they do not know how great they are.  If you do not know how filled you are with greatness, how you can be grateful?  And you always count your defects, you will never count your merits.  Count your merits and leave the deficiency, they are meant to be filled in with your efficiency.  You are not a sinner, you are deficient.  Just keep up you will be efficient, that’s all it takes.  When you don’t give to your deficiency it is your efficiency and it will take you through, that’s all is the secret of life."  --Yogi Bhajan

Now you can see how many of us count our curses and miss seeing our blessings. It’s too much negative mind. More breath, and more energy in the body will give you the ability to switch gears.

You can also decide. Accentuate the positive. Magnify and count your gifts. Accept your defects as given to you by the creative consciousness that you created you with. Focus on your merits over your demerits. Or when a negative self thought comes up, counter it with a positive one. Believe in yourself.