Breaking News: The Heart is More Powerful Than The Head

“Life is a matter of heart not of head. Head is given to understand others feelings so you may not end up hurting anybody. Head is given to you to think others as you so you may not damage anybody. Head is given to you to keep the upkeep of others so that you may not break anybody’s heart. You may remember your duties, your promises, your goodwill. That is why head was given. Head was not given to live. Heart was given to live. And just see by nature how blood from heart pumps and keeps the brain alive. You can be brain dead and still live but you cannot be heart dead and still live.”  Yogi Bhajan

the heart is more powerful

     “The human heart is now documented as the strongest generator of both electrical and magnetic fields in the body. This is important because we have always been taught that the brain is where the action is.  The brain has an electrical field and a magnetic field but it is relatively weak compared to the heart.   The heart is about a hundred times stronger electrically and up to five thousand times stronger— five thousand times stronger, magnetically than the brain!   The reason this is important is because the physical world as we know it, is made of those two fields of energy, electrical and magnetic fields of energy, electro-magnetic fields.   Our own physics books now tell us, if we can change either the magnetic field of an atom or the electrical field of the atom by doing that we change, we literally change that atom.   We change the stuff that our bodies in this world are made of and it appears now that the human heart is designed to do both, to change both the electrical field and the magnetic field of our bodies and our world and they do so in response to the emotions that we create between our heart and our brain.” — Gregg Braden

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