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Now that you’ve committed to the course, here’s a few things to consider.


It doesn’t have to be a big deal.  Many people when faced with this get confused or flustered.  “I want to do so many things…”  We do want to do a lot of things, it’s natural. It’s a part of being human.  However, pick one thing.  Narrow it down and pick one intention that you want to energize over the course of the boot camp.  One man was going through a financial lull and wanted to get a car.  That was his intent.  He achieved that goal a few days into the course.  Not everything you want is guaranteed to happen, it’s just an example.  He also ended up with a new job.  These kinds of things are known to happen when you apply the technology of Kundalini Yoga with commitment and intent. If you can pick one intention and you succeed, it will build confidence and strength for the next one.


If you can’t come up with an intent, or you just want to come to class and get going in the morning without making a big deal out of it… perfectly fine.  Just show up and see what the infinite part of you delivers over ten days.  The first time I did 40-days of yoga classes, I just wanted to do it for more energy and better well being.  What happened was even more surprising.


Set yourself up for success.

  1. Plan to get good rest and go to bed at a decent hour so that you can get up easier in the morning.
  2. Drink plenty of water.  Over the course of the boot camp the energy is raised and a lot of physical, mental and sub conscious clearing happens.  Stay hydrated.  This will allow you to get rid of toxins and prevent you from being subject to mood swings.
  3. Bathe.  If it’s possible to bathe after class and before you start the day, great.  IF not then make sure to bathe in the evening.  Water helps balance the electromagnetic field.  Kundalini Yoga ups your voltage.  Soaking in a tub with salts is also good when you can.  Before class, a cold shower is recommended.  (See below for the yogic practice of Ishnaan or cold showers.)
  4. Don’t beat yourself up.  Kundalini Yoga is definitely not a competition.  It’s between you and infinity. It’s about the alignment of you with your spirit and through that, tapping into your rhythm and thus your true power.  Over the course, you might find yourself emotional, negative, or you might be happy throughout.  Everyone is different.  Point is, if you don’t feel so hot, recognize that you’re doing a serious upgrade to mind body and soul alignment.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Chill out and do something enjoyable.  A great deal of what happens through Kundalini Yoga happens in a heightened state of awareness.  In that state the sub-conscious releases blocks of thought forms.  Your whole system needs time, sometimes, to install the upgrades.  Be patient.  It’s a fact that Kundalini Yoga works very fast and as such, you often realize the changes down the road, after you’ve gone through them.


In Kundalini Yoga there’s a practice called Ishnaan.  It’s basically taking a cold shower to wake the body up and release toxins by getting the blood flowing.  Here’s Yogi Bhajan talking about Ishnaan: ishnaan-the-science-of-hydrotherapy-2-pgs

In summary, when you take a cold shower, the cold water hits the skin and causes the blood to rush to the capillaries in defense, to warm up the body.  This blood rush then stabilizes as the blood circulates back into the body, cleansing the organs and glandular system.  The increased blood flow flushes the body of toxins, wakes up and invigorates the body and the brain.  The yoga and meditation becomes much deeper. If you can stand it, try it.  Otherwise, some options are to put your feet in and splash water on your face.  You can also rub the body with a cold washcloth.  Here’s a summary of how the basic yogic cold shower goes:

  1.  Rub the body with a dry brush (like horse hair or boar’s hair bristles).  The strokes should all be toward the heart center.  (this is optional)
  2.  Massage the body with Almond Oil.  This protects the skin if the water is really cold.  Also, almond oil will help remove the toxins from the skin when the capillaries flush out.
  3. Stand in the cold shower and stick your feet under.  Put your face under the cold water.  systematically put the rest of the body in, massaging the body in the process.  *if the water is ice cold it’s recommended to wear underwear to protect the genitals.  Also Yogi Bhajan recommends not putting too much ice cold water on the third eye area.
  4. When you get out of the shower, rub the body briskly with a bath towel.  It’s natural for the skin to be a little red.


Some people find this helpful.  You write down your experience and then you can remember more about the experience later.  This perspective can also show you what the effects of your practice were during the course.  You can see the changes.


It takes time to transform yourself as a human being.  There are a lot of forces at work.  Like we said earlier, give yourself a break.  Be patient and know that this technology is one that awakens great powers of the soul within you to clear the sub-conscious blocks and karma.  It took a long time to get here.  Be patient with your progress and the experience you’re having.

Silence is golden.  It’s perfectly fine to talk about your experiences.  However, some people like to maintain a quiet attitude during the course.  Some even actually go on silence and don’t speak over that time.  This is a very powerful practice.  The mind is constantly releasing thoughts– 1000 thoughts each blink of the eyes.  These thoughts tempt you into acting and reacting.  It’s lifetimes of acting and reacting, aka Karma which caused the dis-alignment that the yoga is trying to fix.  When you’re doing an overhaul on your system, sometimes turning off the engine for a while makes the maintenance easier!  This is obviously completely optional.


These are the basic guidelines.  Have a great time and enjoy everything, good and bad.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.