Level One Aquarian Teacher Refund Policy

May 8, 2020

*All refund requests must be made in writing.

1. Deposit refund policy.

If request is made 30 days prior to course start date student is eligible for a full refund.  If deposit was paid via credit card, paypal or fee service there will be a 3% processing fee. (for example: $600 deposit, 3% fee = $18.00; Total refund would be $582.00)

If request is made less than 10 days prior to the course start date, the deposit is refundable less $150. This is because of administrative costs such as the cost of textbooks and course materials.

2. Course Tuition refund policy.

The course fees are refundable as follows:

a.  After weekend one (1) – Price paid Less $600.00
(for example Early Bird Refund is calculated as follows: $2999.00 early bird price – $600.00 for first weekend and textbooks = $2399.00 total refund)

b.  There are no refunds after Weekend two (2)

3. Refunds for class absences.

There are no refunds for missed class time. Occasionally students need to miss a day or an entire weekend due to special circumstances. Students who are absent for certain periods are not given refunds for individual hours, days or weekends missed. Rather, the student is given the opportunity to make up lost hours in another course given by the teacher and the training team, be it in the same location or another location where the teacher is the contract holder of a KRI Certified training.

*All refunds are at the sole discretion of the training team.