Harijiwan in Egypt

Harijiwan met his teacher, Yogi Bhajan in 1975 and took teachings from him until his death in 2004, when I met him.  The following quote from Yogi Bhajan best sums up my Teacher.

“Do not promote yourself or promote anything which suits people. But give people that which can serve them, can uplift them: Energy.  Share pure technology — not emotions. Don’t put a rider on it. If it’s a bitter pill, let it be bitter. Don’t sugar coat it. It is very deceitful on the part of a Teacher to teach teachings to please people. You teach these things to build people, to nurture people, to bring their reality out, bring their personality out, take away their cavities, take away their downfalls, their pitfalls. You have that capacity. Through this teaching you have a very perfect quality to stimulate the real strength in a person. Don’t look for popularity or personality”  –Yogi Bhajan

Sat Nam.